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"Have you been to Bible Hardware lately?"

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Bible Hardware has been in Abilene since 1939. You could say "We've been around longer than Elvis Presley!" You can trust your project to the knowledgeable staff for quick, reliable, old-fashioned service with 170 years of combined experience of the hardware business.  Whatever you may need, you'll find it at Bible Hardware. We stock several hard-to-find items and are conveniently located in downtown Abilene. Bible Hardware, where we are Big on Service & on Experience.
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If you need to hold it down or hang it up, we got what you need. We even carry hard-to-find items that you won't find anywhere else. We are dedicated to helping you find what you need for your project. 


If you need to turn it one or turn it off, we can help. From electrical wire by the foot, light bulbs and fixtures, we can make certain you are never left in the dark.


From cast iron skillets to home canning supplies, smoke alarms to fire extinguishers, air filters to telephone cords, you can find it here.


Your Key Headquarters - We cut over 20,000 keys each year, that should tell you something about the quality of our service. Our key machines are consistently calibrated so you have fewer problems.


From faucet stems to toilets and everything in between. We carry PVC, CPVC, Black & Galvanized pipe and even do pipe threading and cutting.


Whether building a bird house or just fixing your house, we have the tools to get the job done.

Lawn & Garden

For a Beautiful Lawn, Keep the Weeds Away

Weeds detract from the overall look of your yard, but it doesn't have to be that way. Treat your lawn with a good quality Weed & feed. This will eliminate many of the broad-leaf weeds that are common in West Texas. When the weeds are under control, start your fertilization plan and watch your lawn come to life. If you have any questions or aren't certain on what to use for your lawn, simply ask the knowledgeable staff at Bible Hardware which weed control or fertilizer would be best for your yard. You'll have your yard flawless in no time.



Painting is an inexpensive yet profoundly effective way of transforming a room or your entire home from dull to inspiring!  When your home reflects so much about you, your lifestyle, your unique taste and what inspires you, why not feed your soul by personally choosing the color or design that makes you content.

How much area will a gallon of paint cover?

For many paints, one gallon will cover approximately 400 square feet. A number of factors can affect how much paint you might need for a room. These include the type of surface you are painting, how many windows and/or doors are in the room and if the ceiling will be painted, the color you will be painting over and the color of paint you will be using.

What roller should I use?

Roller covers vary in pile length and it is important to choose the right pile length to get the most efficiency out of your gallon. A general guideline is:
  • Smooth (3/16" or 1/4" pile) - For walls, floors or ceilings
  • Medium (3/8" or 1/2" pile) - For lightly textured walls
  • Rough (3/4" or 1" pile) - For light stucco walls and masonry floors
  • Extra Rough (1 1/4" pile) - For brick, block, masonry and stucco

What sheen should I use?
       High Gloss
       Where to Use:
       For kitchen and bathroom walls, kitchen cabinets, banisters and railings, trim, furniture, door jambs and window sills. 
       More durable, stain-resistant and easier to wash. However, the higher the gloss, the more likely surface imperfections will be noticed.
       Where to Use:
       For kitchen and bathroom walls, hallways, children's rooms, playrooms, doors, woodwork and trim.
       More stain-resistant and easier to clean than flat paints. Better than flat for high-traffic areas.
       Satin or Silk
       Similar characteristics to semi-gloss and eggshell.
       Eggshell (When you look at it on your wall one way, it looks shiny, another way it looks dull, just like an eggshell)
       Where to Use:
       Can be used in place of flat paints on wall surfaces especially in halls, bathrooms and playrooms. Can be used in place of semi-gloss paints on trim for a less shiny appearance.
       It resists stains better than flat paint and gives a more lustrous appearance.
       Where to Use:
       For general use on walls and ceilings.
       Hides surface imperfections. Stain removal can be difficult. Use for uniform, non-reflecting appearance. Best suited for low-traffic areas. If there is a dark smudge, once it is rubbed off, there will be a "shiny" spot left because it is not scrubbable and more suited to hide bumps or cratered surfaces.
       Same characteristics as flat.

Should I use water-based latex paint or an oil-based paint?

There are a number factors to determine before deciding on latex or oil-based paint. First of all, is it interior or and exterior project? Second, do paint fumes irritate you? Also, are you worried about the cleaning up process afterward. An very important factor would be if it is an exterior project, you need to know if the previous paint that you will be painting over is latex or oil-based, this will determine if your new paint will flake off immediately or not. Also, is what your painting able to rust? Talk with your paint professional at Bible Hardware to determine the perfect type of paint for your project.