BIG HEARTS: Taylor County Constable serves as Bubble Gum Contest Judge

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - He's a Texas Peace Officer with full law enforcement and arrest powers. He serves as Taylor County Constable for Precinct 3. But he also has an annual responsibility during the West Texas Fair and Rodeo. 

He's armed with a gun and badge but that's not all.

"Go, go, go. That was a two incher," says A. Dewayne Bush, a Taylor County Constable and Bubble Gum Contest Judge as he measures the bubbles. 

This assignment calls for a caliper to measure the bubbles. Bush says to a contestant, "I'm watching. Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. 5.5 alright".

A. Dewayne Bush says it's been an honor serving as judge for at least the past 7 years. It was his sister who popped the question. 

Carey Parsons, the Chairman of the Bubble Gum Contest and Bush's sister says, "I just asked one day. I said, I need a judge for the Bubble Gum Contest. He said yes, and he's always helpful to his sister and the community. It's just good ole old-fashioned family fun."

You could say these competitions were chomping on at the bit. Some return year after year. 

Bush says he's not trying to burst anyone's bubble but before he became the judge, he was a competitor of a different kind. 

Bush adds, "I went to the fair back in the '70s. I was in the official Beech-Nut Tobacco spittin' contest. They don't do that anymore."

Instead, he's content searching for the biggest bubble of all at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo each year. 
His sister says she knew her brother was the right person for the job. Parsons adds,"Cause he's a ham."

The contest has several age categories to participate in. Some are younger than 6 years old and there are some competitors in their '70s. 

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