End of summer home maintenance

As summer comes to a close, it's the last chance to finish up some home maintenance tasks to prepare for the fall and winter. Check out our list of end of summer home maintenance chores to complete before fall hits.

1. Check and clean windows

In order to keep your home energy efficient and warm in the winter, you will want to make sure your windows are sealed. Inspect windows now to prepare for the chilly weather ahead and give them a good cleaning while you're at it!

2. Pack up outdoor furniture and decor

Put away your outdoor furniture before chilly temps set in to extend its life. Store furniture and decor in a basement or shed if possible.

3. Clean the gutters

Remove leaves and dirty build up from your gutters now to keep them clean and clear all the way through to spring.

4. Paint

If you have painting that needs to be done, do it now while you can open windows for ventilation.

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