Mayoral Candidates Meet With Disabled Community for Discussion Panel


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Mayoral candidates, Robert Briley and Anthony Williams connected with Abilene's disabled residents at the Disability in Action facility, in Abilene Monday.

It was a room filled with hopeful residents.

"I would really like whoever becomes mayor to stick with his words and to help us," Abilene resident Yuliana Trujillo said.

The candidates were letting them know what they will do to serve them, should they be elected.

Robert Briley related with the community explaining that his son is confined to a wheelchair so he understands the struggle.

Anthony Williams said he wants to push for more self-help, respect and dignity and not charity.

They each had three minutes to answer each question and the residents did not hold back.

One resident has lived here for over a decade. Yuliana Trujillo came to the panel with her 14-year-old daughter, who is deaf.

Trujillo said she wants them to focus on Abilene's deaf community because she believes it is underserved.

"If you go to the movies, you can can hear the movie and you see the movie. With children like my daughter, she goes to the movies and a lot of the times the captaview is not working. So, how would you feel if  you go to the movies and you're only able to see half of the screen? You pay for the movie but your not receiving that service," Trujillo said.

Patricia Waddle said she was diagnosed with paroxysmal positional vertigo.

She said there are a lot of needs that need to be met but wants there to be more of a focus on the youth of Abilene.

"We have so many youths out on the streets and they're involved with drugs, they're involved with gangs, this that, one thing, another...and we do not have a place to get them off the streets to entertain them," Waddle said.

One fairly new Abilinean said he has high expectations for the next mayor of Abilene.

William Boyd moved to the Key City in September. He said he has a mental health disability and also works with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He asked about wanting more funding for NAMI.

"It was informative. I was not too satisfied with the response I got to my question but I have something to work with now," Boyd said.

Tuesday marks the last day for early voting. The mayoral election is this Saturday.

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