Abilene High Student Council Launches Anti-Texting & Driving Campaign

"Arrive alive, don't text and drive" is the message Abilene High Student Council plans on making everyone in the community aware of.

Students will be handing out little paper men called "Flat Stanleys" that are marked with the saying "don't text and drive, save a life."

A rubber band, or what students call a "seatbelt for Stanley" reads "txting kills," and is just big enough to fit on students' thumbs to remind them not to text while driving.

The students have been handing the reminders out and traveling to local schools and major colleges to spread the message.

"Nowadays, everyone texts," says Student Council President Alisha Castaneda. "You have little kids texting, you have adults texting, you have grandparents texting. It's just something for the whole community to be a part of. It's not just like focusing on one certain age group."

A foundation in honor of a teen killed from texting and driving will hold seminars at the school Feb. 13.

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