Beefmaster Steakhouse Voted One Of The Top Pies In America

We first met Beefmaster Steakhouse while On The Road in Ballinger. They're known for their delicious entrees and as it turns out also for some pretty famous pies.

Owners Phil and Sandy King have entered their pies in US Foods America's Next Top Product contest and their Coconut Pecan Pie came one of the top thirty in the nation. Sandy says, "In order to become one of the three finalist it depends on how many likes we get on Facebook."

"I wanted to make something that we could keep in the freezer so that it would keep so I just started playing around with different ingredients.", explains Sandy.

Phil explains how to vote for their pie, "Go to your Facebook and search US Foods and Next Top Product because that's what they are looking for."

CLICK HERE to vote for the Beefmaster's Steakhouse Coconut Pecan Pie. They will be giving FREE samples away at their Ballinger location Saturday, August 25th, 2012.

Beefmaster Steakhouse
1608 North Broadway
Ballinger, TX
(325) 365-2424
Find them on Facebook!

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