Business Caters Pizza In Your Own Backyard

When Jason Adams pulled up to the KTAB 4u station to deliver pizza, it wouldn't be your normal knock on the door, pass a box, and leave. In fact, his business goes beyond the typical pizza service.

Vagabond Pizza is a pizza catering business that serve guests during any sort of parties. From birthdays, weddings, winer dinners, to grand openings, Adams' business can be there.

They're known for their hand-tossed crust, hand-made Italian sausages, and an overall good blend of cheese and sauce. Aside from its flavors, Vagabond Pizza has made it a staple as part of their business to travel with a custom-made wood-fired pizza oven on wheels. 

Adams has been cooking ever since he was 15 years old. After graduation, he made his passion a career and went the extra mile with its rustic novice.

Surprisingly, the set-up requires more than an hour but yet it only takes no longer than two minutes to get a pan of pizza.

So when they visited, It only made sense to take Vagabond Pizza and do the segment outdoors, where onlookers and KTAB 4u staff were left licking their lips. 

For more information:
Vagabond Pizza
(325) 280-4545
Like them on Facebook: Vagabond Pizza

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