Chef Darlene Takes Over The West Texas Fair & Rodeo

Come Friday you can catch one of our favorite chefs in action out on at the Round Building at the West Texas Fair & Rodeo where Big Country celebrity chefs will be showing off their favorite dishes.

Chef Darlene explains, "We are going to have a blast because this is our first year and I've done this in Dallas and been the celebrity chef myself but this year we are doing a celebrity spotlight kitchen."

She adds, "We have four shows a day except on Sunday when we only have the three shows. Everyday at twelve thirty your one and only will be the chef and I'll be getting everyone ready for the rest of the day...only the people in the seventy seats can taste the restaurants food."

Chef Darlene
With Rockin' Texas
Email: chefdarlenerockintexas
Facebook: Chef Darlene
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