City of Ranger May Face Utility Price Hikes

Steve Gerdes is a small business owner in ranger who may have a few extra dollars added to his next water bill.

He's also the former mayor who raised that price just a few years back.

"It was in my opinion a minuscule amount on these raises," he said, "Of course there was opposition to this when you increase the cost of anything."

According to its latest audit, the city of ranger may be forced to charge its residents more for water and sewage to make up for lack of funds.

"Those were suggestions from him [the auditor]", said Troy Emery, a commissioner for the City of Ranger.  "He feels that we're either running really close to the red or in the red that we need to make those adjustments."
It could take months for officials to decide let alone even instill the price hikes on water and sewage.  Although business owners like Gerdes may be directly affected, he says the raise could be a good thing. 

"I think they're a very necessary thing to be able to sustain cities as we know them," said Gerdes.

Ranger currently shares water from the Eastland County Water Supply District, which is also upgrading costs.  City Officials will next calculate sewage and water costs to determine whether the raise will be necessary. 

"We take those numbers and figure them out, what they cost over a twelve month period and then get with our water billing department and find out how much we're actually bringing in," said Emery.
Gerdes isn't worried too much about the possible increase, that would be around two to three dollars more a month.  He says that although no increase is good, somethings are worth paying for.

"You can't leave your rates at x amount of dollars with your cost increase coming at you every year you know you've got to have parody here, somewhere, to where you can at least pay your bills," he said.

The final audit for the city will be next week.  They will then determine whether or not to raise costs. 

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