Downtown Restaurant Specializes In Unique Cocktails

There are many things to do in downtown Abilene. 

Whether it's going to the Paramount Theatre, trying clothes from a boutique, or deciding to wine and dine at a restaurant, there's something to do on a Friday night. One of those places being the contemporary restaurant, Abi-Haus.

"We've been really busy lately, its been really great so we're loving downtown," says Abi-Haus co-owner, Jimbo Jackson.

Since opening Abi-Haus in downtown few months ago, the restaurant has welcomed many regulars as part of their family.

"I come once or twice a week," says customer Sarah Fatheree. "I come here often."

Whether you decide to stop by a couple of times a week or once year, there's a particular section in the restaurant that helps please not just the taste buds, but all your senses. Bartender Drew Garrison specializes in cocktails. Even listening to him talk about it may resemble a science formula.

"I love what I do and I feel blessed," says Garrison.

Garrison takes chemistry and mixes it with art. He's known for drinks such as the classic martini, 'The Manhattan', and 'The Brooklyn'.

"Sometimes we come up with new stuff all the time," adds Garrison. "Sometimes it's completely new and sometimes it's a play on old drinks."

According to the owners, many regulars prefer to sit at the bar in order to get the experience of trying a unique menu item while watching some entertainment.

"I compare Drew and sitting at the bar like going to a Vegas show," describes Jackson.

His work may look fancy and artistic, but to Drew, that's now what it's all about. 

"It's about creating an experience from the drinks itself to the experience we provide to the guest," says Garrison.

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