Local Restaurant To Serve Up Thanksgiving Meal

If there's a restaurant that knows how to make a statement, it would be The Flipping Egg.

For breakfast or lunch, the restaurant serves up meals aimed to fulfill hungry appetites.

Whether its braving the mammoth 10-pancake challenge (eating ten pancakes in ten minutes) or trying their most popular item, Texas Hash, The Flipping Egg has made it a staple to offer a unique service.

On Friday, owner Tammy Reese stopped by KTAB 4U to step away from the usual breakfast menu. Instead, she brought turkey, gravy, and a chocolate pie. All of which are homemade.

The Flipping Egg is offering a different option for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving this Thursday, customers can order the full dinner treatment.

According to Reese, "people don't have to go through the hassle of setting and cleaning up."

Best yet, customers could try their homemade gravy, a secret recipe that will have anyone licking their lips.

Connect with The Flipping Egg:
4150 S. Danville Rd.
Open Tuesday-Sunday
(325) 232-7840
Connect on Facebook: The Flipping Egg

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