Menu Runners delivery service comes to Abilene

News release from Menu Runners


Being lazy has just paid off again. MenuRunners is coming to Abilene, Texas, you won’t have to move from your couch to get food ever again. MenuRunners Restaurant Delivery Service is opening October 30th, 2017. With our grand opening in Abilene, we are starting off with a bang: FREE DELIVERY ON ALL RESTAURANTS for the first week opening. From October 30th to November 3rd, every time you order on the website, you won’t have to pay any delivery fees. Which saves you money, which frees up dessert.

Why Abilene?

With technology advances in the world, it’s becoming easier to bring big city services to the smaller markets across the world. As such, demand for these services has increased exponentially across secondary markets. MenuRunners has become the fastest growing restaurant delivery service in Texas because of our commitment to people in large and small markets. We believe that everyone deserves to have food delivered right. Whether that be on the desktop or just using one finger. This commitment has literally driven us to expand into the Abilene area. “We are extremely excited to serve the city of Abilene and the communities around it,” says Doneric Norwood CEO of MenuRunners.

How MenuRunners Works:

MenuRunners services the local community by partnering with local and chain restaurants to deliver customers their favorite meals right to their doorstep. MenuRunners’ goal is not to be a big corporate faceless entity, but become a fellow local business and work to uplift the community we all work and live in. “We are always looking to sponsor or volunteer our services at local events, charity events and school drives,” said COO Max Whitemyer. We want to serve the area and help local people work and grow. To promote from within and give local people a chance to find a career they can be proud of and support their families with. We work with local restaurant to market and boost their revenue.

About the Company:

MenuRunners is an on-demand online ordering service focused on serving urban communities and mid-size markets across the nation. Both our online and mobile ordering platforms make it easy for customers to conveniently have food directly from the restaurant to them within minutes. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service as well as supporting the local community.

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