New Restaurant Poised To Open In Downtown Abilene

Their mission is to keep Abilene as far away from "boring" as possible, and they're doing it by designing a brand new restaurant for Downtown Abilene.

"Ryan and I have been talking about this for over a year," explains James Jackson, part owner of Abi-Haus Restaurant. 

According to Jackson, the idea for the new Abilene restaurant was born out of a love for a wide variety of cuisine. 

"We kind of wanted to bring each of those meals back here to Abilene," says Jackson. 

The theme, is "Honest American Food," which Jackson says translates into the best from across the U.S. 

"The best food and the best drinks that we've had, just brought here and compiled," he explains. 

Besides the food, the artwork is also a big part of the new restaurants atmosphere. Ryan Feerer, co-owner of Abi-Haus says the design was all about creating something new for the Key City. 

"We felt like a place like this was way over due and it should have already existed in Abilene," says Feerer. 

To create the atmosphere they wanted, Feerer and Jackson brought in two artists from New York to help decorate the restaurant. 

"I feel like all of us working together, we can make this space incredible," says Feerer. 

Customers will notice a "chalk" themed design, but no worries, Feerer says most of the permanent artwork was actually done using a white marker as to prevent any mishaps. 

Connect With Abi-Haus Restaurant:
959 North 2nd Street
Downtown Abilene
Find them on Facebook!
Twitter: @Abi_Haus
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