Reminder: 7-Eleven to Give out Free 20oz. Coffee Friday

As a part of 7-Eleven's 7-Election Presidential Coffee Cup Poll, and as a celebration of National Coffee Day on Saturday, September 29, 7-Eleven is hosting its second annual CofFREE Day, Friday, Sept. 28..

7-Eleven encourages people to stop by stores, grab some free coffee, and cast thier vote for president.

All day customers can vote by selecting a free large (20oz) cup of coffee in their preferred blue or red cup.

Nonpartisan large size (20oz) 7-Eleven cups also are available for free.

In past years, millions of everyday Americans have participated in the 7-Election vote as they go about their daily routines.

The 7-Election invites customers to vote by selecting specially marked coffee cups, blue for President Barack Obama and red for former Gov. Mitt Romney.

7-Eleven's regular "nonpartisan" cups are also available for undecided customers or those who would rather not publicize their presidential preference. Patriotic coffee-drinkers
can vote at participating 7-Eleven stores as early and as often as they want in the two months leading up to the national election.

7-Election cups are instantly tabulated at the register when the sale is made. National, state and major market results will be posted daily on, a website created especially for the coffee-cup poll. Poll tallies will reflect the percentage of candidate cups sold to date, not including 7-Eleven's regular ("undecided") cups.

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