The Flipping Egg: Taking On The 10-Pancake Challenge

It's one thing to have a couple of pancakes with butter and syrup for breakfast. It's another when you are faced with ten pancakes stacked on top of each other, and must eat it under a certain amount of time.

The Flipping Egg, is known for its breakfast and brunch menu items, but aside from its golden hash browns, and scrambled eggs, its the mammoth 10-pancake challenge that has customers stuffed.

Since its doors opened in July, no one has yet to accomplish the challenge, where you must consume all the pancakes in ten minutes. The prize is to get your photo on the wall and ultimately, bragging rights. For those don't complete it, they must cough up the money to pay off their loss.

KTAB 4u host Matthew Torres alongside two other contenders went head-to-head to see if anyone will finally take hold of the title.

Let's say by the end of this, Flipping Egg can finally frame a photo on their wall, while three men leave the restaurant holding their belly and wiping the syrup off their shirt.

Connect with The Flipping Egg:
4150 S. Danville Rd.
Open Tuesday-Sunday
(325) 232-7840
Connect on Facebook: The Flipping Egg

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