Viral Video Of The Day: "Voice Activated Popcorn Shooter"

For popcorn lovers, it's either the laziest or greatest invention of all time.

"The one thing that never changes about popcorn is how we eat it," says Barry, Vice President of "Popinator" operations for Popcorn Indiana.

But now Barry and his team are out to change the way people eat one of America's favorite snacks.

Their method is called "The Popinator," a machine that literally sends kernels of popcorn flying across the room only to land in your mouth. The best part is, there are no buttons to push or remotes to lose because the machine is completely voice activated.

Here's how it works:  A hungry person simply shouts the word "pop" and the Popinator's launcher immediately sends a kernel flying their way. Sounds pretty simple right? According to one Popinator engineer it's all based on the sound of your voice.

"You could be sitting in a chair, standing in a room and you say 'pop' and it's going to figure out where that sound came from, where the word 'pop' came from, and shoot a piece of popcorn at it," Tedd explains.

For more information about "the Popinator" visit the Popcorn Indiana Facebook page.


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