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Click on the video below to learn more about FootNest

FootNest is an individual foot and leg support system uniquely designed to provide greater comfort especially when traveling by plane. It's fully adjustable, lightweight and easy to carry. Footnest  lifts one's feet to ease the pain in the back and legs and overall relieves the stress of flying in a cramped area.


In use, the FootNest discreetly rests behind the headrest on the seat in front of user. It is fully adjustable and can be used not only in airplanes, but in cars and buses as well. When not in use, it folds to a portable state and fits easily in a carry-on or handbag or can be carried by using the wrist-strap.


The FootNest is a lightweight, adjustable, personal comfort zone.  By hanging the FootNest over the airplane seatback in front of you, you can create a hammock-like foot rest which:

  • Elevates your feet
  • Relieves back pressure
  • Reduces ankle swelling
  • Reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis
  • Keeps your hips aligned correctly
  • Provides comfort
  • Virtually undetectable to the person in the forward seat
  • The size of a travel umbrella when packed away