Heart to Heart: Meet Levi

We aren't looking for a new weather man, but we were having fun in the studio with Levi, an Abilene boy in the foster care system.

"They're really nice people," said Levi.

Levi came by the studio to tell me about himself.

"Joyful and kind," said Levi.

Levi loves the outdoors.

"More outside than indoor," said Levi.

And is a self proclaimed monkey

"I climb trees almost every day. Even when it's cold," said Levi.

Levi says he's a good friend

"The one that will always keep his promise and help the other friend out," said Levi.

The 10 year old has been in the foster care system for the past two years. He enjoys being in a home with other kids.

"You get more playtime with them," said Levi.

And he encourages viewers in to get involved in the foster care program

"We need more foster families. There's tons of kids out there that need help," said Levi.

Mainly, Levi says we need more loving families.  

"We need them  to care about the kids," said Levi.

He even hopes to become a foster parent himself one day.

"I may retire from being a fireman and go to a foster person," said Levi.

That, or maybe a meteorologist!

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