18-Wheeler Safety Awareness

Published 07/29 2014 09:04PM

Updated 07/29 2014 09:56PM

Guy Harrison, the Fleet Manager of Action Career Training, says, "The visibility in a truck even though you are higher off the ground is limited you have a lot of blind spots in a truck so you have to be very conscience of your surroundings at all times"

It's nearly impossible to drive on the interstate now without passing an 18-Wheeler due to there allotted drive time of 11 hours per day, accidents are bound to happen.

Vince Lavallee, an instructor at A OK Driving School, says ,"It is crazy right now on the road with all the oil boom and stuff going on."

Still there are precautions to take to make the road a safer place to be.

Harrison suggests to "not following too close, not hanging in a blind spot."

Lavalle says, "Keep a big following distance what we tell them is make sure you can see their mirrors, if they can see.. if you can see their mirrors then they can see you."

Be aware when switching lanes in front of an 18-wheeler because they can't stop as quickly as a car can.

Don Olds, an instructor at Action Career Training says, "Eighty thousand pounds is going to take roughly 10 minutes to get it from a dead stop to highway speed and stopping distance if it takes you 10 minutes to start its going to take you about 20 to stop."

That means once the 470 horse power motor is going, the driver's cannot simply slam on their breaks to stop.

Lavalle says, "Use your blinkers check your blind spots and when you see their tires on the ground you can get back in the lane."

The Professionals at Action Career Training tell their drivers to be cautious of cars as well. 

Harrison says, "Just watching traffic constantly don't fixate just on the road watching mirrors to the left the right, so you can see what is coming up behind you so that you are always aware of what is happening."

So when it comes to driving with 18-wheelers remember to respect their size and share the road.

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