4-Year-Old Brownwood Girl Killed in Tragic Shooting

Brownwood Police are calling the shooting death of a young child a "horrible tragedy," but are remaining tight-lipped about details surrounding the incident.

It was just after 8 p.m. Sunday when authorities received the call of a shooting at a home in the 500 block of Parkway Dr.

Detectives say when officers arrived, they found a young child bleeding from a single gunshot wound.

She was rushed to the emergency room at Brownwood Regional Medical Center, but it was a bullet that would ultimately claim the four-year-old girl's life.

According to our media partner, BrownwoodNews.com, police have confirmed an adult was cleaning a gun in a bedroom when it fired, went through a wall and struck the child who was in another room.

"Things like that happen, you just don't know why, but the good Lord has a purpose in everything," said Oscar Emison, a neighbor. "It's just really sad to hear about the little girl."

"There are a lot of kids here, they all play together, they all get along, except for the occasional spat, then they get over it and they're back out playing together again," added Linda Emison.

On the quiet street with children's bikes tossed carelessly on nearly every lawn, the people inside these homes are more than neighbors -- they're friends. And a tragedy like this one is difficult to move past.

"They're a very sweet family, and I know anything that happened was an accident, and it's horrible," Linda said. "It'll be hard for them to get to get through it and hard for the neighbors to get through it, too."
Brownwood Chief of Police Mike Corley told KTAB they are not planning to release more details about the incident out of respect for the family, but the investigation is ongoing.

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