A Chiropractor for Your Allergies?

Izak Rohrbaugh knows that a pain in the neck can be much more than just a pain in the neck. At three years old, Izak is a regular at the chiropractor, and it's not to relieve lower back pain or improve posture.

"Constant runny nose and constant cough. And he would get an ear infection at least once per month", says Ashley Rohrbaugh, mother.

He's here today for a routine neck alignment, that will leave him breathing easier.

"We haven't been taking any medications anymore, and we haven't been needing to see the doctor every two weeks", explains Rohrbaugh.

In fact, most of us can relate to Izak in the allergy department, and Dr. Christensen is seeing more children with similar needs.

"Right now in my practice I'm probably seeing a dozen kids for different ailments. And usually when a mom or dad brings their kid into a chiropractor, it's not for back problems, neck pain, and headaches. It's for a serious medical issue", says Dr. Christenson, of the Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic.

It's not uncommon for kids, and adults for that matter, with various medical issues to skip the medication or even surgery in favor of a visit to the chiropractor.

"The nerves travel down your spinal chord and these messages go out to your heart, your lungs, your lower back", Dr. Christenson tells us.

All smiles after his five minute appointment, Izak can now focus on what's really important in life-- like whether to go with the snake sticker or the train to add to his collection, rather than worrying about his allergies.

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