A Life-Saving Mother's Day Present

"This is what we distribute to the women," says Mary Lou Behnke.

It's not your typical mother's day present. This present is saving lives.

"Since we started using the clean deliver kits, we have not had a maternal death," says Behnke.

The delivery kits are distributed to women in Zambia, where giving birth often means taking a life.

"Zambia in particular has a very high infant and maternal mortality rate," explains Behnke.

Women are forced into labor in unclean conditions, often without anyone present.

"Many women in developing countries deliver with perhaps the help of a family member or perhaps nobody," says Behnke.

So here in Abilene, thousands of miles away, small delivery kits are being created.

Pain killers, matches, blankets and many other basic necessities make up the kits that are delivered by volunteers in Abilene to isolated areas in Africa.

"We give them to women who have very little access to healthcare," says Behnke.

Zambia medical mission hopes that people are willing to give a child a chance to have their mother by their side.

"The mother's day push is to make a contribution to the clean delivery kit effort in honor or in memory of someone's mother," says Behnke.

And even though contributors will not be able to see the effects of their donations, the women certainly will.

"There is great joy for these women to receive these kits," says Behnke.

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