A Miraculous Walk

"Nothing can keep you down if you put it in your head that you can do it," says Officer Darrell Campbell.

Walking is an every day task most people take for granted. For Officer Campbell, it's a privilege he worked hard to earn.

"Couldn't even sit up in bed a couple of years ago. Now I walked a mile," says Campbell.

But he didn't walk it alone.

"To see the people come out and support us, when one of us is injured, it lets us know that they appreciate what we do," says Scurry County Deputy Jeanette Pritchard.

Hundreds of people gathered to walk, run and celebrate the determination of one man.

"For him to come out and actually try to walk the 5k, it's just a blessing," says Pritchard.

It's a blessing that students against violence everywhere have recognized and were there to support.

"There's a great need for everyone to see that there is some form of non-violence in the world," says Blair McCowen.

It was violence that caused the pain, but love that brought these people together.

"It really just does warm our hearts because law enforcement, you're not in it to get rich, you're in it to serve your community," says Scurry County Deputy Jeanette Pritchard.

And even though serving his community put his own life in danger, two years later, he's back to his beloved job.

"He's doing clerical work at the police station and that in itself is a miracle," say Pritchard.

A miracle worth walking for.

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