A New Kind of Car Thief

Published 05/05 2014 08:04PM

Updated 05/05 2014 10:24PM

Picture this, you're stopped at a red light when a car pulls up next to you- the passenger of that car flags you down and tells you something is wrong with the front end of your car.

What do you do?

Tyler Buckley said he'd definitely exit his vehicle to see what was wrong. 

"Oh ya, I'm almost a hundred percent sure I would have gotten out, almost a hundred percent sure," he said.

According to Avcam.org, this could be a new kind of car jacking technique, it's called a "Fake Out" and is becoming more common among car thieves. 

Pearce Ponder has had his vehicle broken into before. 

"I had my system taken out of it and my face plate taken out of it," he said.

He never imagined that a car thief would ever do something this brazen.

"What people will do these days to get what they want, I think it's just crazy," he said.
"I thought it was just going to be your car's parked and someone steals it, i never thought, point blank, hey come out of your car," said Buckley.

Sergeant Lynn Beard of the Abilene Police Department told us that these types of  car jacking tactics are uncommon in Abilene, but they're not unlikely.

"If you experience a situation like this, write the license plate number down, and report it immediately," he said. 

Tyler, he said this new information has him looking at "Good Samaritans" in a whole new light.

"Wow okay, I'm never getting out of my car again," he said.

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