Abilene Crimestoppers of the Week, Theft

By Ron Rosseau | rrosseau@ktab.tv

Published 08/10 2014 10:48PM

Updated 08/10 2014 10:59PM

Abilene police are needing your help in identifying a couple. They are being called "Persons of Interest" in a recent felony theft case. They have a copy of store surveillance video and can provide a cash reward for any anonymous tips, that help police arrest and charge a suspect.

This is store surveillance video from a North Abilene convenience store. It was from the evening of July 4th. Police say the woman in the pink shirt and the man in the red shirt are persons of interest in the theft case.

Abilene police officer, Gary Heslep said the manager prepared a bank bag with significant amount of cash in it. When they got ready to take it to the bank it was gone.

Police want to speak with the people about the crime. People who know them should be able to recognize them from the surveillance video.

Heslep said, "In reviewing the tape, it looks like this male goes behind the counter, and it looks like he's sticking something down the front of his shorts and then makes a rapid exit, so they think he may have some information about what happened to this bank bag."

You could get a reward for anonymous information that leads to the solution of the case. Police want to start by visiting with these people.

Crimestoppers offers a cash reward up to $1,000 dollars this week for any anonymous information that leads to the arrest and charges files against suspects in this theft case.

You can provide your anonymous information on the Crimestoppers website at AbileneCrimestoppers.com or on the phone 676-TIPS, 676-8477.

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