Abilene Faculty Restrains Two Middle School Students in Video

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC/KTAB) -  Two videos captured in the cafeteria at Madison Middle School show part of an altercation between faculty members and two students last week.

According to a parent and a student from Madison, the incident began after a fight broke out over spilled milk in the cafeteria on Thursday.

It was after this fight happened that the first video was recorded.

The video shows four male staff members pinning a boy down on a cafeteria table while other students are watching from a distance.

On the next day, the principal wanted to speak with the students involved, and after they would not be quiet, the principal explained to them they could not eat until they were quiet.

During this event, a student excused herself to call her mom and it was then that she was restrained physically by two faculty members.

The second video shows this incident, and you can hear students chanting, "let her go," as the girl attempts to get out of the staff member's hands.

Parents from Madison Middle School are upset over what the videos show.

Dr. David Young, AISD's Superintendent released this statement to KRBC/KTAB regarding the incidents saying:

"The Abilene Independent School District is deeply committed to the safety of all students and staff at all times.  The district actively investigates questions or concerns that are expressed by both students and parents.  However, it is a violation of confidentiality laws to discuss details related to either specific student discipline situations or personnel actions.  Each of these specific situations is currently being investigated in accordance with district policy and the Texas Education Code."

No new information is being released yet, but KRBC/KTAB will continue to keep you updated as we learn more.

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