Abilene Man Caught Red-Handed, Spreading Love and Inspiration

On a gloomy morning there may only be one thing that could make you smile.

And that would be some encouragement from Jeffery Addison.

Addison says, "The first day I did it I was pretty scared to get out there, but the first honk I got, I was on fire."

For two days, Jeffery Addison has been standing on Buffalo Gap road holding his signs.

Judging from the reactions he has been getting, the smallest bit of encouragement seems to go a long way.

"I just saw a school bus full of kids and I held up a sign that says smile and they are just all excited, and it just blesses me."

And his blessing is blessing others.

Addison even got his friend and future brother-in-law to jump on the motivational band wagon.

Dillon Chafin explains, "He actually was the one who got me out here. He deserves every bit of this. He's been through so much and I'm just proud of him. So I'm out here supporting him."

Countless people have driven by thanking them and Addison's favorite form of appreciation comes in the form of a honk.

"Just trying to make you smile on your way to work. That's all this is I'm not doing it for any other reason, just to make people smile," says Addison.

So the next time you find yourself down, just think of these guys, pushing you on, giving you that little bit of motivation you need, to turn that frown upside down.

"We're just putting a smile on people's faces. It's not worth living if you're not going to smile," says Chafin.

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