Abilene Man Dies in Freak Accident at Lubbock Music Concert

Published 03/12 2013 10:38PM

Updated 03/12 2013 10:46PM

"I really didn't believe it," that was Justin White's immediate reaction when he discovered his friend, 39-year-old Jubal Colvin was dead.

"I thought maybe it was just rumors," he continues.

According to Lubbock Police, Colvin was denied entry to a music concert at the amphitheater. In response, he tried jumping a fence to gain entry to the premises. When security attempted to remove him, he fled and that is when he fell 20 feet down a hillside, hitting his head on the concrete-covered ground.

White says, "He would always go to different places to go to concerts,so it was really normal for him to do that."

I spoke with several of his friends, many of whom he worked with in Abilene. They say music was one of Colvin's greatest passions, but his most recent experience left people in disbelief and mourning.

"It hurt really bad. It's like I lost a really good friend and i didn't even get to say goodbye to him," White says.

At the time of his death Colvin was employeed at Home Depot. Although his manager declined to speak on camera, I was told grief counselors have been available for any employees who may need them.

White says, "It's going to be tough."

Many of Colvin's friends and family may have a long road ahead of them, but White says he will try his best  to get through this, the way his good friend would want him to.

"He would want you to celebrate his life. Listen to some music, have some fun in his name, you know, that's what Jubal would want."

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