Abilene Man Maintains His Innocence and Speaks About Child Endangerment Charges Being Dropped

"I've been saying I'm innocent I mean there's no reason I should have been arrested," says Brady Holder.

Holder and his girlfriend, Jennifer Engel were indicted in May of 2012 for reportedly leaving an 8-year-old in the car while they went into a pool hall on the night of New Year's Eve.

He explains, "They just pushed me up against the car and arrested me, not really giving me a reason why, at all."

I spoke with Holder and his girlfriend in July of last year. In our interview, he tells me what happened and how he was unaware that what happened that night could land him behind bars.

"If I would have known that leaving him in the car for even a minute was against the law, it would have never happened," he told me in the interview.

Holder says although he has maintained his innocence since day one, he still had to follow procedure while awaiting his trial.

He says, "I had to go in every week to see him and report in. I hated that."

After waiting more than a year for his court date, he says he got a phone call from his lawyer saying the charges were dropped.

"I was happy," he says.

Now he can begin the next chapter in his life, without a criminal record.

He adds, "I'm a free man."

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