Abilene Man Piloting During Deadly Plane Crash

AMARILLO, Texas - An Abilene man is being identified as the pilot of a deadly plane crash that happened near Amarillo last Friday night.

Robin Shaw, 59, was one of three victims killed when the plane went down shortly after takeoff.

The aircraft is described as an air ambulance, said to have only carried one pilot and two flight nurses.

Investigators are working with multiple organizations to rule out weather and other factors as the causes of the crash.

They will also be investigating Shaw's pilot background, aircraft maintenance records and more.

Joshua Lindberg, the Investigator in Charge for the National Transportation Safety Board says they not only want to figure out what happened, but why and prevent this from happening again in the future.


For more information about the crash and more details on the investigation check out the full article by our sister-station KAMR

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