Abilene Manufacturers Pumped About Cline Shale

The black gold of the Cline Shale hasn't pumped through Abilene's veins quite yet, but that isn't stopping industry workers from tapping into the potential.

"The boom is gonna happen and it's already happening in different aspects other than ours. But I think it's more of a 'wait and see game' to see what they will actually find", says Brad Brazell, Dansco.

Dansco manufactures and repairs oil pump jacks that are sent all over Texas; however, there's one area in particular that's sparking some interest.

"Out west, especially in the Cline Shale, you can see a lot of drilling going on. We're setting a lot of units up towards Lubbock, it's real busy up there right now", explains Mitch Hill, Dansco employee.

From the workshop, to the business decisions behind closed doors, once the boom does hit, there will be a need for some extra hands.

"Once we do get the firm growth, I think we'd probably look at hiring more people", says Brazell.

When the ripple effect of the oil reaches Abilene, experts say everyone will reap the benefits. But until then, manufacturers like Dansco, will continue production and remain pumped about the possibilities.

We also spoke with Smith Pipe company, who tells us they have already hired several new employees in anticipation of the boom and expect to hire more.

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