Abilene Police Crack Down on Sale of Synthetic Marijuana

Published 07/15 2013 10:32PM

Updated 07/15 2013 10:42PM

Texas Leaders join together to fight synthetic marijuana.
Texas Leaders join together to fight synthetic marijuana.
The use of synthetic marijuana has over 30 Big Country Residents to hospitals this year alone.

"When I pulled up to the splash pad over at Nelson Park, there were eight responders that were tied up for a single person who had consumed these synthetic cannabanoids," Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge said.

After instances like this became more common, the Abilene Police Department began purchasing and testing products from head shops in town.

Even though some products were coming back from Dallas labs as only containing legal substances, police continued to investigate. They found chemists were behind the creation of several products and were able to make the chemical makeup appear completely legal.

Abilene Police then got in touch with the state Attorney General's Office, which informed them about packaging regulations for these commodities; the wrapping of the products is what brought the head shops down.

Now, Abilene Police have joined forces with six other agencies in the region to continue the elimination of the illegal, synthetic marijuana.

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