Abilene Woman Turns to Line Dancing for Stress Relief

Between the movement of your feet and the sound of the beat, line-dancing is a big hit for many in south Abilene.

And it's all thanks to line-dance instructor LaDonna McGee, who is now going on three years of teaching at Rose Park Senior Center.

"When I started line-dancing, you mimicked the teacher" says LaDonna McGee. "I didn't know her face from Adam, but I knew her boots anywhere."

McGee instructs five classes each and every week, with anywhere from 20 to over 50 people attending one class.

"Some of these people are widows and widowers just like me, you don't need a partner to dance. And friendship, you just meet people."

Which is why getting into line-dancing was so important for McGee.

"I lost my husband, I lost my mother, I lost my sister, there wasn't anyone else. What do I do? I cannot make my children responsible for my happiness. So one month after I lost the last, I walked into Rose Park."

A decision that even impacts those she teaches.

"Everybody likes her, she makes it really enthusing, she gets into it" says Lupe Chavez who attends the class. "It just makes you want to come back everyday."

Which is exactly most of the seniors at Rose Park do, just to feel the energy McGee gives off.

McGee says, "We do this to let our child out to play. It's fun and it's good for you. I'm 70 and I want to be doing this another 10 years...I'll try."

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