ACU Students React To Deadly Accident

A typical night out destroyed by a single decision.

Now seven lives have been changed forever and students aren't sure what to think.

"You think about God's plan for everybody and it's hard to accept death is a part of that," says ACU student Kaitlyn Tuisosopo.

"It kinda puts you in your place. You know, you're out having fun with your friends then you realize that one of your friends is down at the hospital and two other people died that you might have known," says John Festa, an ACU student.

For students at ACU, tragedy is no stranger.

"I think my mind immediately went to last year's accident with the bus. I think it's just, it's really hard to have something like that happen again," says Tuiasosopo.

The bus crash happened in November of 2011, and resulted in the death of one student, Anabel Reid.

"You think, we went through it last year so why should we have to go through it again, but I think ACU can only get stronger through this. We just have to come together and pray that God has a plan for this. " says Tuiasosopo.

Already, students of the university are banning together.

"So many people just rallied together. That night everybody was praying for those victims and their families. Anybody who was affected," says Festa.

The president of the university, Phil Schubert says he's confident the students will find their way through the horror.

"Sometimes as difficult as it is, some of the greatest growth come in those times. I would tell our students to look for that and to be in prayer. And to be in situations to hear God's voice through the tragedy," says Schubert.

For one student, the tragedy has already spoken.

"It speaks to appreciate every God-given second that you have. And you appreciate everything that God's given us here," says Tuiasosopo

Together the students will unite to overcome this horrible accident.

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