Airman Reunites with Family After Months Apart

It may have been the longest 30 minutes.
"I was a little nervous earlier, but mostly just very excited now," said Alhanna Arendsee, who was waiting for her husband to return.

But what's another few minutes compared to the more than three months since Arendsee has seen her husband? 

He's returning from Afghanistan after being deployed for the first time since they've been married.

"Everything's just been changing and hes definitely been missed at home," said the mother of two boys.

The toughest part may have been leaving behind his three month baby boy Sam, who's now a little more grown up.

"We are just so happy that he'll finally get home to see how much hes grown and changed," said Arendsee.

But the day is finally here.

Both of their sons dressed in proper pilot wear to welcome home their hero.

"We thought it would be kind of fun to have the flight suits for the boys," said Arendsee.

As the planes finally land at Dyess Air Force Base, they watch the rest of the dozens of family and friends greet their Airmen. but they'll have to hold up their sign a little longer, you see their dad's the pilot who flew one of the planes back.

A few moments later they finally spot him and the Arendsee family is finally back together.

"Sam here is totally different than he was when I left and teddy here is talking so a lot has changed," said 1st Lt. Zacharee Arendsee.

There's been a lot of anticipation up to this moment.

"About a month out you just sort of hit this wow I'm coming home next month and that's about all that you can think about," said the pilot.

Now it's finally a reality.

About 150 airmen are returning to Dyess Airforce Base from the 317th Airlift Group.

This is the first time in nine years since both squadrons are home at the same time.

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