AISD Middle School's New Dress Code

Published 05/20 2014 10:13PM

Updated 05/20 2014 10:36PM

"I felt like, I didn't want it to happen.. but.. ya," said seventh grade student, McKenzie Moreno, about the new dress code that will go into effect beginning the next school year.

She said what she is going to miss the most are her jeans.

"I don't really like it because I wear jeans all the time," Moreno said.

Abilene ISD unanimously approved a proposal that begins in the 2014-2015 school year. All students will be required to wear an "adopted" standardized dress code.

Madison Principal, George McFarland, said the response they've received has been mixed. 

"Anytime you implement change," he says, "There's gonna be some people that are not too crazy about the change."

Tuesday's meeting was the first of four meetings informing parents of what to expect. 

McFarland added that he wished more parents would have been at the first meetings a few months back.

"We had six informational meetings prior to pushing the dress code to the school board," he said.  "Before we touched standardized dress as a proposal to the school board there was six informational meetings and probably out of those six meetings we had a hundred people show up."

Now parents will have to adjust, not only their kids' wardrobes, but their wallets.

"I feel like for some people it may be a hardship for them at first, I know that they are available, even if you go online you can find some cheaper prices," said Gwen White. She is the grandparent of a soon to be middle school girl.

Some basics of the new dress code will be as follows: students can wear polo's, sweaters, hoodies, shirts must be tucked in. They are not allowed to wear jeans, sandals or shirts with logos.

"Well, we'll be a little more conservative with what we buy so that will help us in the long run," said White.

As for Mckenzie, she and her friends have mixed emotions about the new dress code.

"Some of them say that they don't like the new dress code and some of them say they love it," she explained.

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