Amateur Historian Discovers Civil War Community North of Breckenridge

It was known as Pickettville and was home to Civil War soldiers. It was a case of finding the area where he though the community was located and then proving it was there.

Harvy Green says it is a labor of love finding all kinds of artifacts dating back to the 1860's. He has collected everything from shell casings, to house hold items, to coins and buttons. He says he found the area that Pickettville existed on private property and got permission from the land owner to go out and look. He also says that everything he found belongs to the land owner who told him to donate the items to a local museum.

They will build display cases for the artifacts so that everybody will be able to see what he has found in about a 2 acre patch of land that held history that may have gone undiscovered if not for the curiosity of one Breckenridge City Councilman. Now he is working on finding another sight where Robert E. Lee spent some time.

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