American Red Cross Practice Disaster Drills

Published 06/07 2014 11:51PM

Updated 06/08 2014 12:14AM

The American Red Cross held disaster practice drills for all their chapters throughout the state of Texas.

The volunteers set up mock shelters and had other volunteer reenact scenarios of victims that may come to shelter.

Celia Gesting, who was acting as the Public Affairs Coordinator showed the process that victims go through when they come to a shelter.

The first thing they will do is check in, then be assigned a cot. Afterwards they will receive medical attention if needed, food, and a comfort bag.

In the comfort bag, victims will receive: a toothbrush, toothpaste, band-aids, location, any essentials that one my need. 

One volunteered, George, played a scenario out that he was eight months pregnant. Volunteers assessed his needs and he received medical attention. In the scenario his home has been destroyed and he can't find his husband.

Afterwards they helped get his medicines that were left in his home and they search through other databases for his husband. 

George says that although he had to play a scenario where he was a woman, these help him grow as a volunteer to understand what one might be going through. 

He also says that what the Red Cross does is extremely helpful and believes more people should know how much they help in a natural disaster. 

The Red Cross is ran off through donation, they are not funding by the government. 

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