Author of Letter That Revealed New Possibilities in Dunn Case Speaks from Prison

Published 10/23 2012 09:33PM

Updated 10/24 2012 02:46PM

"I don't have that many minutes on my phone," warned Sonja Renee Callahan.

She continues, "All I know is I seen her at a friends house where I was getting drugs from and they were shooting her up with drugs."

Callahan called from a federal prison in north Texas, confirming what she says she saw with her own two eyes.

She explains, "She was in a white tee shirt, shorts and that poor little thing was just all drugged up."

Callahan says she went to a drug house in Odessa, Texas to get methamphetamine.

That is when she says she saw Hailey Dunn, who was missing at the time.

"I think y'all were there and another TV station was there broadcasting that y'all were searching for her," she explains.

Callahan says when images of a missing teenager appeared on the news broadcast, she was watching at the drug house and realized the girl there was the same one in the pictures.

She continues, "It shows pictures of her with her hair to the side and that's how she had it. Her ponytail was to the side and she had some shorts on with her flip-flops on and a white tee shirt. And it was just, I knew, right then and there."

Callahan says, she wanted to say something to Hailey, but was quickly advised not to.

"They said that if I said anything, I was going to get hurt," she explains.

It was clear Callahan had more to say, but the audible tone proved time was limited.

She quickly adds, "I'm bout to lose minutes on you."

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