Bangs Mayor Bishop Maintains the Law Amid Chief of Police Resignation

By Brownwood News

Published 08/29 2014 08:27PM

Updated 08/29 2014 10:22PM

Bangs Chief of Police, Troy Grusendorf, turned in a letter of resignation on Wednesday after an investigation was opened into possible misconduct.

Grusendorf was said to have had under his supervision city employees working at his personal residence while being paid by the City of Bangs.

"I don't get paid to do this job, so I'm going to do it the best I can, I'm not doing it to keep it. I'm doing it to do what's right. I'm doing it to make this town better. You know, we sit here at a place where we've spent a million and a half of the tax payers money to create and have something good for our community. I want to continue and do that, you know we are going to pick up the pieces and move on and advertise for a chief of police, and take applications. Hopefully hire the best person for the job, hire someone that wants to come in and do it and be held accountable," Bangs Mayor, Eric Bishop, said.

Mayor Bishop says he initiated the investigation against Grusendorf after noticing a drop in the amount of tickets and arrests being made

"While it wasn't completed it was 100% substantiated using technology such as the cameras in our police cars, the GPS tracking devices we have on our police cars," Mayor Bishop said.

As long as he remains in his position as the mayor of Bangs, no one is above the law, says Mayor Bishop.

The city of Bangs says they have not found one yet, but the search continues for a new Chief of Police.

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