Big Country Couple Celebrates 70 Years Together

Celebrating anniversaries are always a joyous milestone for anyone, but for Amos, age 93 and Dorothy, 87, being able to say they have reached 70 years of marriage is their biggest accomplishment yet.

Husband, Amos Aldridge acknowledges the good and the not-so-easy times, saying, "We've had a lot of valuable experiences, some of them rough and a lot of them beautiful."

The Aldridges married on June 19th, 1943, but one year later, Amos joined the U.S. Navy along with his twin brother.

"I was only in for 18 months, training people aboard air craft carriers to work on airplanes. That was a good life in the Navy, I enjoyed it," Mr. Aldridge tells us. "Boarded different ships, knowing different people."

Once Amos returned home from the Navy, him and Dorothy decided to move back home to the Big Country along with his brother, Amon, and start up their very own ranch, a ranch that has now grown into 792 acres.

Fast forward a few decades later, the Aldridges are proud to say they have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, all of which live very close to home.

"Life is rich, it's been rich to me...and it still is" says Mr. Aldridge as he sits next to his wife.

But if you ask them how they feel about the past 7 decades? They will simply say, "It isn't long enough yet, is it?" as they laugh together.

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