Bilingual Education Added to St. Mary's in Brownwood

Published 07/29 2014 08:47PM

Updated 07/29 2014 10:55PM

St. Mary's Catholic Church hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new bilingual education program for ages 3-5.

Amy Perez, the Director of St. Mary's says, "You know children do learn so much information so from the time of birth to [age] five, 90% of their brain is fully developed. So to make those neuron connections is very very important at an early age. So the earlier you introduce your children to language, the easier it is for them to pick it up and integrate it into their regular lives."

Today a ribbon cutting ceremony was held by the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce celebrating the opening of the new program. The Dynamic Academy has been in the making for a while.

Amy Perez says, "It's been a year altogether, we've used curriculum specialists to help develop the program so it's nothing as-can. Everything has been developed here to ensure that we are looking at a holistic approach."

In addition to the ribbon cutting ceremony, Bishop Michael Sis came to bless the classroom.

Bishop Sis said, "If we raise our children well, we will build a better society. If we do not raise our children well then it will debilitate our society."

The new bilingual program will focus on math, science, engineering, literacy and critical thinking.

Emilia Martinez, CRE Secretary of St. Mary's, said, "It will benefit them in the long run when they get older and have to use the Spanish language."

The program is said to start in September and will follow the Brownwood Independent School District's calendar.

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