Boot Camp Founder Invites City of Abilene to Pray

Paul Huntington, the founder of Abilene's Reality Invasion boot camp called for a city-wide prayer meeting.

He challenged the mayor, city officials, pastors, believers and non-believers to join one another and pray for the well being of Abilene.

Huntington explains, "God wants to do a move here in Abilene. He wants to use Abilene as a mark for the rest of the united states."

He says the recent investigation of his boot camp was a wake-up call.

Once the Abilene Police Department got involved and began looking into the tactics used when disciplining children in the boot camp, Huntington says he heard the voice of a higher being.

Huntington asks, "When big things happen, what happens? When traumatic things happen, what does it make you do? Stop."

So he stopped and listened to what God was telling him.

He says, "My people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways."

Four people join hand in hand as Huntington leads a passionate prayer.

As one attendee describes, "He got into the prayer. He was shaking his hands and was talking to Jesus straight forward."

Thirteen-year-old Korissa Curtis says she was deeply moved by what Huntington has decided to do and she is glad the prayer is not just a one-time deal.

She says, "There's never enough prayer, ever."

So whether it is a group of four, or 400, Huntington says he is willing to do what ever it takes to make Abilene a better place.

"I want to see God move in this city," says Huntington.

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