Breckenridge Residents Voice Their Concern, Saying "Wade Incident" is Not Over

"I think y'all are destroying a community," says one Breckenridge resident.

Monday night's commissioners meeting drew quite the crowd.

A packed room Full of Breckenridge residents voicing their concerns about how the "Wade incident" has been handled.

"If you're picking up other people then they should have been that night, that man should have been charged," that resident continues.

The city manager, Andy McCuistion, says all city personnel involved in the incident that happened the night of November 20th acted appropriately and timely. He says it was Commissioner Harvey Green who broke policy by releasing confidential information.

Commissioner Green declined to respond to McCuistion's comment. But regardless of how people got what, these Breckenridge residents say they want answers.

"This manager is everything that myself and millions of vets have fought against for 200 years. The city manager will never silence the media as long as a vet's alive," says another resident.

This resident says he is not going to allow the truth to be covered up. As a veteran he spoke about his rights, the same rights that allowed Commissioner Harvey Green to resign.

Commissioner Harvey Green says, "I feel my presence on this commission is a waste of my efforts and taxpayers' time. I am submitting my resignation effective immediately so that I will no longer be accountable for the actions of this commission."

After Green left the room, the mayor motioned for the meeting to be adjourned. But that was not going to happen until a couple other residents and commissioners shared their final thoughts.

One commissioner asks, "Do you think that we have that power? That cover up as it's being called?"

Another resident says, "I love this town. I moved back home, this is where I'm going to stay. This incident is not gone away."

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