Brownwood Police Release June 2014 Crime Statistics

Published 07/06 2014 03:08PM

Updated 07/06 2014 03:10PM


Brownwood Police Chief Mike Corley released crime statistics from the police department for the month of June along with year-to-date numbers for 2013 and 2014.

Corley releases Brownwood Police Department crime statistics on a monthly basis as a program to have a department that is more transparent to the public.  Corley stated that he also looks at these numbers to see where the department needs to focus.

Corley said that there were 125 reported crimes in June which is increased by 5% from the previous month.  Of these crimes, 42% were cleared either by arrest or after further investigation.  Of note, cases of assaults were increased by 15 incidents as compared to the month of May while larceny thefts were decreased by 5 during the same timeframe.

There were 45 traffic accidents and 5 driving while intoxicated arrests in the city of Brownwood for June.

2014 appears to be continuing a decreasing trend of total crimes (year-to-date) than the number reported in 2013.  Of note, motor vehicle thefts are down by 4 incidents or 44% and burglary of a building was down by 6 cases, or 25% as compared to the same timeframe during 2013.

See below for the May and June crime statistics along with tables of year-to-date 2013 and 2014 statistics of the same time period for comparison.  The number reported refers to crimes that were assigned a case number and responded to by police.  The number cleared refers to how many cases were closed either by an arrest or after further investigation.

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