Burglary Suspect Claims He's Innocent

Published 01/17 2014 08:48PM

Updated 01/21 2014 10:19PM

39-year-old Christopher Webster is one of two suspects arrested and charged with the brutal robbery of a local Vietnam War veteran. Webster and 35-year-old, Dolores Salazar, is suspected of robbing 75-year-old Bob Keith at his home on Tuesday. Police believe the two suspects tied Kieth's hands and feet with rope, blindfolded him and stuffed him in a closet at his home, in which he was found nearly 15 hours later. 

Webster has a list of previous charges and is no stranger to the Taylor County Jail, but he says he didn't commit the crime that he's being accused of taking part in.

"She told them that I was with her, and I was the one who did it," says Webster as he sits behind the jailhouse glass.

Webster and Salazar are both in jail under a $125,000 bond each. In addition to the charges from this case, Webster is also being held on a $2,000 bond for a theft warrant out of Bandera County.

The father of four says Salazar, who he simply refers to as a friend, lied on him to investigators. Webster says he didn't accompany Salazar to Keith's home on the date in question, and says, for the matter, he's never met the victim.

"I didn't take nothing from that old man. I don't even know that old man." Webster goes on to say, "If you ask him if he knows me, he's going to tell you 'no i don't', because I don't know that man and didn't take anything from him."

Abilene police say a preliminary investigation revealed that the suspects used the victim's stolen debit card at a local bank. They say bank footage, along with information gained from canvassing the suspects' neighborhood, led them to Salazar and Webster.

"They say they have pictures of me using his credit card, checks and all that, but like I tried to tell them, I didn't use no credit card, checks or anything."

Webster admits it's his car seen in the surveillance video from the bank, but he says he allowed Salazar to borrow his car and claims he wasn't with her at the time the video was captured.

"On every picture that they showed me, you don't see me not one time standing at no ATM." Webster insists,"it was her and only her in that car."

Webster says Salazar knew Keith prior to the incident. His claim lines up with information provided from the Abilene police department. But he says he doesn't know the extent of Salazar's relationship with the elderly man.

"The day this happened, she kept calling the guy on the phone and they were talking and stuff, and she took me home."

And while Webster claims he's innocent, he says he knows why the police wants to charge him with the crime.

Webster says, "they had to have them somebody that they could put on the TV, saying that they caught the person who did it. And with me being on probation and she's an ex felon, well that's the perfect combination."

Abilene police say this investigation remains open and will be forwarded to the District Attorney's office for consideration of charges.

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