Child Found Alone on Busy South Abilene Road

Published 02/10 2014 10:46PM

Updated 02/10 2014 11:08PM

You hear about it happening in larger cities more often than you might in smaller towns like Abilene; a scenario in which a young child is found alone, with their parents nowhere in sight.

But to the surprise to many, it happened this past Saturday in a south Abilene neighborhood. Mother of two, Lucretia Seely and her friend, Jimmy Andrews say they were driving down South 11th Street towards Seely's home, when they noticed a little girl stuck in a pile of ice alongside the road.

"I think there was like two inches of ice in the cement area that she was stuck in," says Seely.

Seely and Andrews say several people saw the little girl alone on the side of the road, but says no one else stepped in to help. But as parents, neither of these two friends say it never crossed their minds to do otherwise.

"I would hope anybody would stop," says Andrews. "I was amazed that she was like two blocks away from her parents' house and nobody was with her."

When describing the child, Seely says, "she looked fine, but she wouldn't talk. She didn't know where she came from and I didn't know how old she was either."

When they couldn't get any information from the little girl as to where she lived or where her parents might have been, Seely says she and Andrews decided to call the police, who they say arrived rather quickly.

"They took a picture and told me to snap one too and to post it on the internet, because that is one of the fastest ways to get news around," explains Seely.

Both she and the responding officers had the right idea. Seely posted the child's picture and information to the Facebook pages of several local news outlets. And within hours, her post on the KTAB Facebook page received more than 100 shares and dozens of comments.

In hopes to find the parents of the little girl, the police officers knocked on the doors of several residents along South 11th Street. It took the police about 45 minutes to find the mother of the child. Seely and Andrews would then learn that the little girl had rode her tricycle across Barrow Street from her home at the other end of South 11th.

Seely says the child's mother came to her home to claim her daughter. But Seely says the mother displayed a lack of concern for her child's safety.

"The first thing she said to her was, 'you were told to stay in the yard'," Seely claims. "She didn't bother to look her over or anything."

According to Seely, a relative of the child sent her a message on Facebook attempting to explain how the little girl made her way so far from home. Seely says the relative claims that the mother advised the child not to leave her home's front yard, as the mother went inside to take a shower.

The Abilene Child Protective Services contacted Seely in an attempt to gather information about Saturday's events. She says while she is not in the position to say whether or not the child should be taken from her mother by the agency, she does feel as though it was irresponsible of her to allow such a thing to happen.

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