City of Brownwood to Discuss Proposed Plan to Take Waste Water to Lake

Published 05/12 2014 09:27PM

Updated 05/13 2014 09:47PM

It has been a proposed project for a year, and the city of Brownwood continues to discuss the costs and time of taking waste water from its treatment plant into Lake Brownwood.

City manager Bobby Rountree says there's not a lot of water options in Brown county and it requires a reliable source and cost effective source of water.

One of the ideas is to reuse the water treated from the Brownwood Wastewater Treatment Plant instead of sending it down Colorado River.

"Our water is so hard to treat so our options are the lake and waste water," Rountree says.

Most recently, the Brown County Water Development Board said they have irrigation lines running through the lake. Although they are old and would need to be replaced, the rights of the land will make it easier to take the waste water in a cost-efficient way.

"At least the rights of way are there and that will allow the piping to be put in the ground and taken out to the lake," adds Rountree.

According to Rountree, 2.2 million gallons of water are generated from the treatment plant. There are many things to consider about the project, such as the timing. Rountree says getting a permit and creating a plan may take four years before the project becomes a reality.

"I want to do what's most cost effective and the best for the public," Rountree says. "I'm just concerned that we would have to wait four years before we do anything about the water in Brownwood."

The city received a loan from the Texas Water Development Board last year to help improve the Brownwood Wastewater Treatment Plant. About $8.5 million dollars is being considered to build a reuse water facility that will treat the waste water from the plant and run it into the storage tanks. Rountree requested an extension for the loan before it expires by the end of May.

City council will be held Tuesday, May 12th at 9 a.m.

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