City Wide Curfews: Coming to Abilene?

Published 07/29 2014 08:33PM

Updated 07/29 2014 09:54PM

Would a curfew for teenagers help keep crime down? Following the arrests of two teens allegedly involved in the BB gun shooting spree, it is a topic Abilene police are addressing.

For Clyde, it already has a curfew.

It's a regular day at Clyde High School with camps keeping the teens busy during the day, but at night they are looking for something to do.

Lindsey Ratliff and Kyla Patterson say the city wide curfew in Clyde is probably the last thing on the teens minds.

Lindsey Ratliff says, I've always known never to be home after 12."
And Kyla Paterson says, "My parents say nothing good happens after midnight, so. "

So the curfew will not be a problem for them.

Chief Robert Dalton of Clyde says, "We don't have a lot of back lash from the kids or the parents."
But, Clyde police do still have to enforce the curfew every once in a while.

Chief Dalton says, "Do they really need to be out on the streets after midnight, is there something going on?"
Chief Dalton writes about 15 citations a year and gives about the same number of warnings. 

Chief Dalton: "It's not just as easy as sighting them and letting them walk on their way. We need to contact the parents having them come out." Which is why Police Departments would have a problem the city wide juvenile curfew.

But would a curfew in Abilene be implemented?

Chief Stan Standridge of the Abilene Police Department, says, "They [the police] would have to take them somewhere, because the officers, they simply do not have enough time, to keep these children in the back of a black and white police car, until we can eventually track down a responsible parent."

Chief Standridge goes on to say, "What do we do with them during the ensuing minutes or possibly even hours, while we are trying to find the responsible adult who should have these kids in their custody?"

As far as creating a juvenile curfew in Abilene, it just remains a question in the conversation.

The curfew in Clyde dictates that teens cannot be out without an adult after midnight and they also have a daytime curfew during the school year. Juveniles cannot be out during school hours.

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