Civilian Employees at Dyess AFB Worried About Potential Cuts From Sequestration

Published 02/27 2013 09:24PM

Updated 02/27 2013 10:42PM

"People are worried," says Bob Hastings.

Nearly 400 civilian employees who work on Dyess Air Force Base are at risk.

"I don't know what I'm going to do."

Dovie Rose is a civilian employee who depends on every penny she makes, working on Dyess Air Force Base.

She says, "After bills are paid, I've got enough for gas and a little bit of food and that's it."

If sequestration takes effect, all will be affected by the 20% pay cut that is projected to be made.

Bob Hastings is the local president for American Federation of Government Employees. He says the furloughs are inevitable, but he is doing everything in his power to lessen the impact the cuts will have.

"The current intent from, again, the guidance I've got down is 22 discontinuous days," Hastings explains.

Which essentially means employees will end up forfeiting about one day per work week, something that could potentially affect everyone in the city.

Hastings continues, "That means 20% less spending downtown. That means any kind of spending, going out to eat, going to Walmart, going to the movies. It's not only affecting Dyess Air Force base, it's affecting our local community which we are a part of."

A decision from the government is expected to be made on March 1st, still giving congress time to come up with a solution.

Hastings says, "There is still a chance this furlough will go away. There is always that chance. Until then," people like Dovie will have to wait and see what happens.

Dovie says, "Trying to be optimistic," but she says, that is always easier said than done.

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